Britt Bass / Visual Artist
Britt Bass is a visual artist obsessed with color. Her work has expanded from oil paintings that employed deep, serious colors to lighter geometric paintings that convey a frankly happy disposition, often through her use of cheery yellows and poppy reds. Her process is intuitive, playful, and exploratory; her compositions are a declaration of balance. The viewer can easily move through a painting as if it were a narrative, following her weaving lines and pausing to focus on intricate details. Through layering, adding, and omitting, she explores this artistic relationship until it culminates into a whole, finished piece.

Britt Bass is from Atlanta, Georgia and currently works as a studio artist at The Goat Farm in Atlanta.
She collaborated with poet Ali Coad for the BASS X COAD feature in YELLE MAG.

ELLE Deadsex / Street Artist
Elle's inspiration for creating street art lies in the search for the perfect human skin; both figuratively and literally. She works to understand how, why, and with what we as humans choose to adorn our bodies and what those things represent. Elle’s characters, mostly women, adorn the walls of New York, San Francisco,Chicago, LA, Berlin and beyond; slipping in and out of tattooed bodies, fur coats and animal suits, feathers, robes, and costumes. The work plays with the portrayal of female prowess and explores the human ability to metamorphosize one’s identity and transform appearance. Through her art ELLE considers reincarnation, regeneration, and the ability we have to brand and rebrand ourselves to fit into these ever-fluxing ideas of who we are, who we want to be, and what brings us to a place of peace.

ELLE is from California and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.
She collaborated with photographer Amanda Weidman aka HIBOO for the HIBOO X ELLE feature in YELLE MAG.

Ali Coad / Writer
Ali Coad's poetry speaks strongly of Southern roots and complex relationships. Her subjects are revealed in plain sight and her views are shared frankly. But in her word choice, subtle line breaks, and cadence, the reader begins to discover the intricacies inherent in her writing. Each piece in the chapbook straddles the line between poetry and narrative. The phrasing is undeniably lyrical, but instead of limiting each line to a couple words, she asks you to swallow the story whole.  The result is a brief escape to a profound moment.

Ali is from Georgia and currently lives and works in Atlanta.
She collaborated with visual artist Britt Bass for the BASS X COAD feature in YELLE MAG.

Amanda Weidman / Photographer
YELLE celebrates the mixed identity of artists and Amanda Weidman is the perfect example. By day, she is a scientist, but she often spends her off-time creating. The works in the current collection of The VV Hotel combine the FEMME theme with the those that can be commonly found her her photography: light, travel, texture and geometry. Her photos are arranged in a narrative grid and invite the viewer to see the women in her world, throughout the world. As with YELLE MAG, this theme of a woman's perspective was unintentional. In working to curate a collection of her work, we found that in many of her photos, her subjects were women in various stages of consciousness and geographic location -- sleeping in Los Angeles, sitting in New York and Israel, stretching in the dessert, standing in San Francisco. 

The photos also echo Amanda's collaborative work with ELLE under her moniker HIBOO. Lips were a theme both in Amanda's photos as well as in drawn form in her collaboration,

Amanda Weidman is from Los Angeles and currently lives in Brooklyn.
She collaborated with street artist, ELLE for the HIBOO X ELLE feature in YELLE MAG.

Emily Tung / Management Consultant

Emily Tung is the epitome of a global citizen. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Emily and her brother moved to California with only a very basic command of English. Feeling indebted to her parents and very grateful for the sacrifice they made, Emily worked extremely hard through school and later attended University of California, Berkeley, focusing her studies on business, international development, and Spanish. She's traveled extensively, spending half a year in Greater Asia and India. As a result, she has developed a unique worldview and understanding of South American, Chinese, and American cultures. She now works as a management consultant in New York City.
Emily Tung is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently lives in New York City.
She collaborated with mutli-media artist Nicole Kang for the KANG X TUNG feature in YELLE MAG.

Nicole Kang / Multi-media artist
Nicole Kang has a sense of humor. She enjoys rap, puns, and the company of her faithful beta fish, Jeremy Fin. Nicole's work spans a variety of mediums including oil paint, installations, and drawings. The two series featured in The VV Hotel are sequential: 
Biography and Pretty in Pink.In the first of the two series presented here, Biography, the majority of the works are intimate and personal paintings of significant people in her life. The second series is a reaction to BiographyPretty in Pink was a response to traumatic loss of two loved ones in the span of one year. Nicole broke away from serious subjects and imagery in these works and instead explored a new territory of colors and subjects as a form of catharsis. Pretty in Pink depicts iconic figures, images, and references from pop culture and presents them in an overly effeminate way to compensate for its lack of feminine qualities.


In each of these images, I stripped any and all pretense or masculine association from its original context, as if looking through the world in the eyes of my prepubescent self.  I deliberately chose an obnoxious and exaggerated palette of colors and patterns, so that, like pop icons today, my pieces will not go unnoticed. Each piece is intentionally ridiculous and unapologetic.The paintings invite you to laugh, scoff, wince, and let yourself feel how you want to truly feel. Please enjoy.

Nicole Kang was born in Los Angeles, California and currently resides in "Hotlanta, where the players play." 
She collaborated with Emily Tung for the KANG X TUNG feature in YELLE MAG. 

Daniel Scott Parker / Poet
Poetry is often an obtuse medium of art. Although it's most common form is written, it almost always begs for a human voice. Instructions on intonation, tone, and cadence are of course embedded in poetry through spaces, punctuation, and breaks, but even these are hard to pick up for a first time reader.

DSP bucks these barriers both with his ability to construct readable yet complex poems as well as his dedication to performing his poetry. In Paris, France, DSP was a part of a performance collective called Tropique Noir ( He has performed his poems in both Paris and Berlin and has collaborated with his filmmaking brother, Sam Parker on a video interpretation of his poem, Red Herring. Currently, DSP is pursuing an MFA in poetry at Colombia College Chicago (perhaps he's fond of alliteration). He is regularly published; you can find him in Marco Polo, Coconut, Spork Press, and others, and his chapbook, L'esprit de l'escalier, is fresh out from Chantepleure Press. 

Daniel Scott Parker was born in Atlanta, Georgia and currently resides in Chicago.
He collaborated with Mimms Cross for the CROSS X DSP feature in YELLE MAG.

Mimms Cross / Designer
With a name like Mimms Cross, how could you not be a designer? Mimms graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2011 with a BFA in Graphic Design and was instrumental in creating the visual identity of the first iteration of YELLE MAG (not published). Mimms attracts the unusual and has a completely different perspective on design. Although many designers work purely digitally, Mimms often transcends the computer and makes laser cut wood signs, interesting and unexpected print items, and hand lettering. Her work gravitates toward textures, repition 'and the cosmos.'

Mimms currently lives in New York City, designing, exploring, & working at Regas Studio.
She collaborated with Daniel Scott Parker for the CROSS X DSP feature in YELLE MAG.